Discovering Your Own Creatures

This video is only the mirrored, stream footage, without any sound. Pause the video and then step through it frame by frame using either the frame button on the right side of the QuickTime controll bar or the forward and back arrows on your keyboard. One or the other of these should work, depending on whether you're on a Mac or PC.

Creepy creatures and demons, yes. But also many funny ones. A video Rorschach (inkblot test)? Perhaps. Regardless, seems like a good source for monster drawings, aliens, fantasy creatures, dream sequences, etc. So just a reminder, if you want to save a still image you can always do a shift+apple+4 on a Mac (sorry, not sure about a PC) and select a still frame to download. If you have QuickTime Pro, you can download the entire video (16.4 MB).

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