Stream Creatures

Stream Creatures came about as I was working on the video for the T.V. Lamp piece shown elsewhere on this page. Strange images (sometimes creepy, sometimes funny) seemed to flash on the screen when I did a mirror image edit on the footage I'd taken of a small stream. I try to be open to accidents and detours so I explored the effect to see if could figure out what was happening. Sure enough, if I went through the footage frame by frame there were literally dozens of strange beings starring out at me. I think I've seen some before on Star Trek!

I imagined an early human sitting by a stream during the spring thaw. By chance a chunk of ice or a wet reflective rock produced a similar mirror effect. Add to the equation some darkness and lightening (and perhaps hypothermia or the ingestion of a  hallucinogenic plant) and water creatures might well appear. If it was at first creepy for a non-believer like me, think of what it might lead to in the mind of a pre-scientific human.

On the Water Creatures video above, first you briefly see just the stream, then the stream in mirror image. Next you see a short section of the mirror image with a strobe applied at twice per second. Lastly, there's a freeze frame gallery of some of the images that appeared to me, sans any mind altering substances besides coffee and Diet Dr. Pepper. It's 15 MB so it takes some time to download.

Discovering your own creatures. If you want to look for more creatures, click on the link below. There you'll find a video of just the mirrored stream footage and hints on stepping through it frame by frame. for more creatures click here.

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