Figure 1. Temperatures were recorded on a necklace around the neck of Tom Dukich, on the collar of Ayla Heflin, on a rear strut of Ed Kienholz’s Jesus Corner, and on the surface of Harold Balazs’s Basho in Magnolia. The waterproof data logger (attached above) recorded degrees Daniel Fahrenheit each hour for the days shown. The data are also on a compact disk behind the piece. The logger is now set to record the temperature very near this piece once each and every hour for the next 3.7 years. Thanks to Larry Schoonover, Laura Thayer and Valerie Wahl of the MAC for permission and help in taking the temperature of the Kienholz sculpture and also to Sue Ellen Heflin of the Art School for permission to monitor her dog Ayla. Only in the last few hundred years have we humans been able to accurately measure temperature. Eventually all things in the universe will be the same temperature. Luke warm. Tom Dukich, 2002.