Mug Shot

This piece was accompanied by the following text. Portrait No. 2002 is a digital photo of Tom Dukich. Portrait No. 3003 is a composite picture that was made with a $60 computer software program called Faces 3.0. Faces is used by law enforcement to create a picture of criminal suspects and can take the place of a police sketch artist. This composite picture is one of over a quadrillion unique pictures that can be created. There are only 6.12 billion faces in the world. Each composite picture has a 38 character alphanumeric code. Like a fingerprint or a face, every code is entirely unique. Conveniently, this code can be relayed over the phone, sent by e-mail, written on the back of an envelope, etc. No. 4004 is a code portrait of Tom Dukich. No. 5005 is a code portrait of Bob Welch, a co-founder of Interplayers. A likeness of his code portrait can be found on page 3 of the program for tonight’s performance. Perhaps in the future your drivers license number will also be your composite code. No photo will be needed. Your number will indicate what you look like.