Pi: Changing Digit Patterns

The changing pattern of digits in 1,000 decimal places of Pi for the first 100 digits. The little traveling white dot indicates what digit you're on.

In this piece I wanted to experiment with some simple visual mapping as opposed to the auditory mapping I'd been doing in the sound pieces. All the digits of Pi map to red, a many to one mapping. But the digits vary in position, in this case shown in matrix form for convenience. I was hoping there might be something discernable (as there seems to be in the auditory mappings) in this "Pi animation", either in just the red pattern itself or if the reds were all connected as in, "connect all the dots". Or, maybe arranged and plotted so all the 4's made a line, all the 2's, etc. Or something similar to the random number test that's based on producing a visually uniform gray scale, using no statistics or math at all. But I had to give up because the process was just too tedious--I did all the above manually. For me, going further will require some sort of automated process. Maybe I'll get back to it someday. I posted this hoping you might find something in the method that's of interest or see something I don't.