iPod Clickwheel Earrings &
Watch Battery Biohazard Earrings

iPod Clickwheel Earrings are made from REAL iPod parts. Specifically, one pair is made from the clickwheels of two iPod shuffles, the other pair is made from the inner circuit boards of those same clickwheels. If you take a close look, you can see how the white, outer clickwheel lines up with the brass circles of the green, clickwheel circuit board. The clickwheel dangle wire is covered with the wire coating of iPod ear buds.

Because these earrings are made from actual iPods, they are in limited supply, depending on how many unusable iPods I have on hand. In other words, they are "Limited Edition" earrings because of my limited supply of iPods! Scroll down for prices and ordering information.

Watch Battery Biohazard Earrings, made from watch batteries (called button batteries in the industry), have a bit of silver in them. That's one of the reasons they looks so nice and shiny. In the U.S. we use about 600,000,000 button batteries per year; millions are just tossed in the trash and not properly recycled. But they can be re-used before they are re-cycled and made into earrings.  So, nice looking earrings from biohazards! What a deal. Again, scroll down for prices and ordering information.

If you decide to make some watch battery earrings yourself be careful if you solder on the eye loop or posts like I do. If you get the battery too hot it will explode and splatter hot solder, soldering flux (a mild acid), and the hot battery contents into you eyes and onto you face making instant biohazard freckles. How do I know this? First hand experience. So to be on the safe side, it might be best to wear a full face shield when executing the soldering steps.

Battery Brand and Size. Four brands make for the best earrings: Energizer, Sony, Maxell, and Panasonic. Energizers are shown here. Sorry, I can't guarantee a brand. To help judge the actual size of the earrings, click here.

Prices and Orders. The iPod Clickwheel Earrings are $40.00 a pair, plus $5.00 shipping and handling in the US and Canada. Secure online payment with major credit cards via PayPal. Watch Battery Biohazard Earrings are $25.00 a pair, plus $5.00 shipping and handling in the US and Canada. Secure online payment with major credit cards via PayPal. International orders are welcome but shipping will be more depending on your country. Contact me at my email address on the home page to place an order. In your email include your name, mailing address, and clearly specify which earrings you want: 1) iPod Clickwheel, 2) iPod Clickwheel Circuit Board, 3) Dead Battery with Dangle, 4) Dead Battery with Post. Put the word Earrings in the subject box. If you order more than one pair, shipping and handling will still be $5. I will email you back with a total amount due and will ship your earrings after I receive your payment through PayPal.