Pricing & Availability

The price for the Round Model is $179.95. The Teardrop Modle is $199.95. The price includes either a pole and gound stake or a house mount like the one shown in the location photos. The pole is easy to install and can be repositioned. The house mount can be used to put the birdhouses on a fence, tree or a house of course. When ordering, please specify which one of the two mounting options you'd prefer.

You can order a Museum Birdhouse by sending an email to tomdukich (the "at" sign) tomdukich (a "period" for the dot) com or calling me at 509-979-0031. (Sorry for the weird listing. See the home page for why I'm now doing it this way.) If you leave you mailing address I will get back to you with shipping costs and explain the payment options: PayPal, check or money order.

You can also special order a Museum Birdhouse with a different size entrance hole by emailing or calling 509-979-0031. Also email or call if you are interested in a stand that allows the Museum Birdhouse to be portable and sit on hard, flat surfaces such as a patio or an apartment balcony as shown in the location photos. You can even special order a birdhouse built out of titanium. Again, call or email for prices.


            Round is 12" high, 7" in diameter                                 Teardrop is 11" high, 9" wide, 10" long