Why a Bezier Bending Machine?

This is a working machine.  I used it to bend mounting brackets for the stainless steel birdhouses shown elsewhere on this site. I built it because I wanted the curve of the mounting bracket to be a Bezier curve. Just an arch of a circle doesn't look nearly as good. No sheet metal shop I talked to could bend a Bezier curve for me without actually building some sort of special bending machine.  So I built this one myself (in honor of Bezier), designed a phonetic Bez-ee-ay logo for it, and exhibited it along with the "It's a Bezier" piece also shown on this web site.  Despite their elegance and beauty, Bezier curves have not yet found their way into day-to-day metal cutting and fabrication work. 

The bender works by anchoring a piece of metal, stainless in this case, with the nut on the front, left of the machine.  The metal is bent down by hand until the "U" shaped bracket with a bolt in it can fit over the metal--the process starts with the "U" bracket off the machine.  When the the "U" bracket is secure the bolt is tightened down until the metal comes in snug contact with the wood (medium density particle board). The front nut is removed and the bend is done. 

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