Adam and Eve Apparition Appears
And like the original pair they are both naked

SPOKANE, WA—The faithful may flock to see images of Jesus in a tortilla and the Virgin Mary in peeling wallpaper, but will they fill the streets of this Eastern Washington community to gaze upon an apparition of Adam and Eve in diseased birchwood? And if they gaze, will it be because it’s only religious spirit that moves them?

Robert Steller, a local woodcutter in this Eastern Washington community, isn’t sure. But his discovery of the apparition while cutting down an old birch tree in a friend’s yard has already touched off quite a controversy. The reason is that the images of what Steller likes to call “Adam and Eve Birch” are as immodest as the original, original sinners.

“Yeah, they're naked,” admits Steller, “but that’s the point. How else could you tell it’s them.”

But apparently the concept of using genital nudity to authenticate the apparition isn’t universally accepted among religious leaders and scholars. In fact, naked religious apparitions are highly unusual, according to Fr. Guido Vellinni, a Vatican expert who has spent much of his life studying the hundreds of reported apparitions and claimed miracles dating back to the 1500s.

And for others, like the Rev. Jimmy Burke of Flat Rock Bible College in Irvine, Texas, the couple’s nakedness is the very thing that calls into question the authenticity of Adam and Eve Birch. “I don’t believe the Almighty would allow such a pornographic thing. People should not look at it,” Rev. Burke said after studying close-up pictures of the apparition.

Authentic or not, the images in the birchwood seem to be attracting attention. The woodcutter’s neighbors say the number of onlookers, whether pious of merely curious, grows each day.

Steller maintains the odds are stacked in favor of the birchwood proving to be divinely inspired. “The probability of two such shapes, so clearly male and female, happening by random chance together in the very same tree is astronomically small,” he said. “It would be a sin to burn this wood.  It was meant to be seen and enjoyed for its beauty and its meaning. 

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