Harold Balazs Movie: Wünder Stuff

Carpal Tunnel Trance Blues Band

Birds on a Wire: Latah Creek

T.V. Lamp with Videos

Weather Sonifications

iPod + Umbrella = Rain Pod

Drip Music

Dead Watch Battery Earrings

Dead iPod Clickwheel Earrings

Life Euphemism No. 1

Life Euphemism No. 2

Speed Relaxation

Pi & Other Sonified Constants

The Very Reverend Dr. Pi 357

Euler's Magic 5 Equation

The Secrete in Descartes' Chair

WunderKat Energy Generator

Romantic Vacuum Cleaners & Chainsaws

America Oneline: Paper to Galvanized

Bez-ee-ay Metal Logo

Homage to Bezier: Bending Machine

Homage to Alan Turing

Rasta Parking Story

Exactly the Same Tie

Laser, Water, Funnel & Mirrors

Stream Creatures

The Pledge of Allegiance in 5 Languages

Medal: Mind and Spirit Wars

Race, Religion, Gender, and Law

The Patriot Phone

Dead Batteries

The Temperature Very Near

Award Winning Stainless Steel Birdhouses

Paper CD Sleeve with iTunes--DIY

Music: Percussion Stomp Box--DIY

Other Selected Work

Life Sometimes Imitates Art

Media Coverage & Reviews

Links and Resources

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Sorry to list my email this way but here’s why. It's supposed to help foil spam bots that cruise the internet harvesting addresses. For about two years I used the regular way and received over 40,000 spam messages. Partly this was on purpose so I could produce a “Spamville Phone Book”. But instead I made a "This is Spamville" credit crawl video with about 5,000 first and last names. Now I’m ready to move on and don’t want them any more. I've tested this out over the last year or so and the number of spam emails fell from well over a hundred a day to about ten a day without changing my email address and those are mostly my own fault for failing to click the no emails check box when ordering stuff online.

You can also call 509-979-0031 at any time. If there's no answer, please leave a message. Either way, I'll get back to you as soon as I can.